5 causes of Pimples on Forehead

pimples on forehead

pimples on forehead

Most of our teens want to have a pimple-free skin.  But no matter how careful we may be, there will come a time that a pimple will appear on our skin.  Pimples on forehead have got to be the worst place that it might appear.  Thos, who have bangs, can cover their pimple; however covering it with your hair can worsen the condition of your pimple.   The hair can irritate the skin causing more pimples on forehead.

Contrary to what most of you believe that the pimples on forehead are only caused by the things you eat, it can also be affected by a lot of factors which includes your problem on your digestive system, pollution, skin type and others.  Here are some of the causes of pimples.

Causes of Pimples

Clogged Pores

Clogged pores are the primary cause of zits.  The forehead is located in the “T-zone” which is known for producing an excess amount of oil which causes the clogged that leads to major skin problems.  In order to deal with clogged pores, you may utilize your favorite facial cleaner every morning followed by the toner and the moisturizer.  This will greatly help you in preventing pimples on forehead.


The dandruff does not only give you the irritating itch on your scalp.  It can also cause the acne on your forehead.  In order to deal with the dandruff, you can use a good anti-dandruff shampoo and get a haircut to grant your scalp a room to breathe.


Different medication contains substances that can cause the manifestation of pimples.  Birth control pills have a capacity to trigger the zit on some peoples.  To avoid this, make sure to consult your doctor first regarding your hormonal issue to avoid the unnecessary pimples on forehead.


Believe it or not, stress can contribute to our illness especially on skin issues.  Stress is one of the factors that cannot be dealt by a medication.  However, you can beat the stress by having an active lifestyle.  There are certain activities, which you can do to reduce the level of stress, which includes yoga and meditation.  You can also have a relaxing massage and pamper yourself in the spa.

Problems in the Digestive System

If you do not have the problems mentioned above, then you might be suffering from a poor digestion.  In order to tackle this issue, you need to have a healthy and balanced diet.  You should drink lots of water every day and include a green and leafy vegetable or fruits to your meal.  It is highly recommended to avoid eating fatty food as well as foods with artificial ingredients.  This factor can highly increase the possibility of having pimples on forehead.