The pimples on forehead can make a woman worry so much that she will forget eating her food even. Seems like pimples are the woman’s worst enemy because they exactly know that an important event in coming, and they will pop up exactly a day before it and will ruin the beauty.

Tips to get rid of pimples

Well, there is certainly nothing to worry about. The below mentioned remedies will treat the pimples and will leave the skin pimple free and glowing.

  • Lemon juice :

Lemon juice is the best anti-pimple. Lemon is one of the most popular and natural home-made remedy cure acne. With the qualities like anti-bacterial, astringent, skin lightening, vitamin C, citric acid, Strong oxidant, and acidic agent, lemon is full of properties which cure acne totally. It also prevents form pimples on forehead.

Procedure: Squeeze 1 lemon to take out the juice. Dip the cotton swab in fresh lemon juice and apply it directly to the acne before going to bed. An alternative way is to add a pinch of cinnamon powder in the lemon juice, apply with a cotton swab and leave it overnight. Wash with lukewarm water in the morning and dry with the soft face towel. If your skin is sensitive, then don’t apply lemon directly. Add the same quantity of water in the lemon juice and then apply.

  • The honey and yogurt mixture

While some products from milk are the cause of pimples like cheese, some other products like yogurt are the best way to cure them.  The acids in the yogurt are anti-bacterial while the fat provides moisture, which makes the skin more nourishing and fresh.

Procedure: Add 1 tablespoon of yogurt (low-fat or full fat) in 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix thoroughly.  Apply on the forehead with cotton swab or by your finger. Let the layer dry first, then add another layer and so on until you get your desired thickness.  Let it dry for 20 minutes, then wash it with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel in a circular motion.

  • The toothpaste is an extraordinary treatment to get rid of pimples on forehead.

Procedure:  Apply some white toothpaste to the affected scores of the skin before sleeping overnight, washing with cool water in the morning to dispose of pimples. If you aren’t going wherever, you can go over the strategy in the midst of the day, making a point to leave the toothpaste in contact with the pimples for no under thirty minutes to be feasible.

  • Use of garlic clove:

Garlic has hostile to bacterial properties that help to fight skin break out. In any case, never apply the garlic without debilitating it first.

Procedure: Take new garlic and in the wake of granulating concentrate the juice from it. Weaken the garlic by including a couple drops of water into it.

On the other hand, you can crush 2-3 garlic cloves in water. Give it a chance to absorb water for say 10-15 minutes. Apply it on the affected area and say bye to pimples on forehead.